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Le Loup

He is the instinctive ogre, the one who wrestles his life from life to embody it in matter. To sublimate the grimaces of joys and pains to make the bronze alive, to offer to the most perfectionist collector the keystone of the expressionism of the future. The curves, the elks, the joints, the gestures and the dances are of an disturbing intensity. The work of Thierry Ligismond is gargantuan and yet absolutely precise. We can know everything about man, except what he has in his head and the way he gives it shape. He remains fair and uncompromising, he gives himself the means of the size of his approach ....

Antoine Guillot Carnet d’Art 

Director of Publication / Author / Director

Ligismond Gallery

En 2010, Ligismond inaugure la galerie Ligismond, ayant pour but de promouvoir son activité artistique. C’est sur la ville de Genève que l’artiste désireux de faire perdurer son influence et exercer son magnétisme porte son choix.

Inaugurated in April 2014, Ligismond Gallery pays tribute to the work of its owner.

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