Le Loup

He is the instinctive ogre, the one who wrestles his life from life to embody it in matter. To sublimate the grimaces of joys and pains to make the bronze alive, to offer to the most perfectionist collector the keystone of the expressionism of the future. The curves, the elks, the joints, the gestures and the dances are of an disturbing intensity. The work of Thierry Ligismond is gargantuan and yet absolutely precise. We can know everything about man, except what he has in his head and the way he gives it shape. He remains fair and uncompromising, he gives himself the means of the grandeur of his approach.

Survive with all the violence of plunging a body and soul into a world so vast and disturbed. The human race is a slut. A single man is worth gold and uses his lowest instincts when in a group. The world is on fire and we can only plunge into the flames, if possible smiling as we have no choice but to move forward.

He is definitely like that. He does not try to do or to be. He does and he is, and it is right and strong. He becomes the most powerful wolf in the steppe because he is the freest. Off the beaten track, on the lookout for his freedom which costs him so much, but without which he could not live. To live worthily his life of man to be able to embody his death. It is not an end, not an end, it is a continuity that he wants to live alone to be able to hear screaming those souls he has fucked and torn all his life. He wants a bottle of red and a good piece of meat, he wants opera, Wagner, he wants cigars, a big car, poetic verses ...

That's the beast ...

Antoine Guillot – Carnet d’Art

Director of Publication / Author / Director

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